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Is your server hacked?
Are you sending a massive amount of emails?

Those are just a few that can happen to your server when you don't have anyone to monitor the incoming & outgoing traffic.

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If you’re here, something has probably already gone bad

Don’t make it worse by hiring the wrong people. With 22+ years in Linux administration we know what we are doing....

What we offer

Either monthly server administration plans or per incident. All plans are custom as the majority of clients have very specific and different needs from each other.

Full control

Initial setup of your server with detailed documentation

24x7 Support

Via email, support ticketing and phone

Web Firewall

Based on ModSecurity with custom rules

Server Monitoring

Forwarding your logs in real time to one of our monitoring servers

Extra Services

We can customize our plans to your needs.

We do have in house full time web developers and we are able to provide solutions to complex problem that require a combination of sys admin & software engineer.

Custom Control Panel

With or without a control panel installed on your server we can provide you with sys admin support.

Patch Management

Not sure how to upgrade or patch your system? We can do this for you from any source like github, gitlab etc.

Performance Tuning

Your server works slow like hell? We can track & find the source of the problem.

Firewall setup

Installation & configuration of firewall (iptables based). We can also install & configure a web firewall based on Mod Security for maximum safety.


We plan your backup based on your needs and not based on what a pre-made software can do.


With 22+ years of Linux experience you are in safe hands. We can support nearly everything based in Linux.

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Get in touch with us to discuss your server management needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually the problem relies in a wrong setup of your email server and or the Wordpress configuration. We can track and solve the issue but be aware that if your email server is on a shared hosting environment thus we can't have root access there isn't much we can do.

It depends what services you will be running. A common scenario is a web & email server. The setup has an one time fee of a minimum 390€. The price goes up depending the exact requirements of each project. The above price includes the setup of the web server, the email server and a basic web firewall usuign ModSecurity.

If you want us to manage your server for patches and possible securities then the cost will be at 30€/month.

Of course, get in touch with us. We will need root access and a detailed description in case of a problem.

Of course. It is highly recommended to make ourselves the initial installation & configuration so we can have a clear picture of your server for future reference.